DIGITAL STRATEGIES - Financing, Marketing and Distributing 2.0
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DIGITAL STRATEGIES - Financing, Marketing and Distributing 2.0
Fall 2016

YOUR GUIDE TO NEW MEDIA: Informative - Engaging - Inspiring

Digital Distributing

> Learn from acclaimed experts and inspiring case studies
> Capitalize on the opportunities of the digital world
Further Topics
- Crowdfunding - Case study, legal framework and best practice
- Digital Distributing - How to maximize reach and revenues
- Practical guide to digital distributing
- Transmedia - Inspiring project case studies
- Audience engagement
- Developing transmedia strategies for your own projects

The programme will be announced closer to the event.
A detailed programme schedule for 2015 can be downloaded below (see PDF at bottom of the page).


  • Update your knowledge on the latest trends and techniques in new media
  • Get inspiration from cutting-edge case studies
  • Learn how to get the word out and build a loyal fan and customer base in this new 2.0 world
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of the new media industry and the legal framework essential for protecting your interests
  • Gain the latest expertise from internationally acclaimed trainers
  • Share your ideas and get professional feedback in our unique Expert Speed Dating session
The list of trainers can be found here.
For quotes of participants, click here.


The training includes excellent networking opportunities - during the seminar as well as at our social evening programme.
>> Benefit from an active group of participants and industry experts from different disciplines
>> Establish valuable and long-lasting business contacts with media professionals from all over Europe

Participation Fees
Regular participation (incl. accommodation and meals):
1st person € 1.290,00 | 2nd person from same company € 990,00

For residents (excl. accommodation, incl. meals):
1st person € 840,00 | 2nd person from same company € 640,00

Registration for 2016 will open closer to the event!
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A limited number of (mostly partial) scholarships is available. These will be awarded in priority to professionals from the new EU member states.
Please contact Dina Rubanovits (rubanovits(at) | T: +49 (0) 331 721 2886) for further information.
Please do not register online if you are planning to apply for a scholarship.

>> For UK professionals: Check out Creative Skillset International Scholarships.
>> For Germans: Eine Förderung der Weiterbildung über die Bildungsprämie des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung ist möglich. Weitere Informationen unter:
Achtung: Die Bildungsprämie ist nicht mit einem Stipendium des EPI kombinierbar!

Venue and Hotel
Adrema Berlin
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DIGITAL STRATEGIES - Financing, Marketing and Distributing 2.0
Location: Berlin
Date:  Fall 2016
Time: all day